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The "Bacho Kiro" cave

The “Bacho Kiro” cave is situated in the region of the Dryanovo monastery, in the picturesque canyon of the rivers Anduka and Dryanovska. It’s 300 meters away from the monastery of  the “ St.Archangel Michael”
That is the first well restored cave in Bulgaria which since 1962 is declared
a natural site.

In 1961 a longer tourist route was made inside the cave and wiring for electricity  added. Nowadays the cave has a new reconstructed route suitable for visitors and also a new modern lighting system, due to which incredibly beautiful halls and cave  forms can be seen . The cave miracles can be seen nowhere else in the world.
The “ Bacho Kiro” cave  is a four-storey  labyrinth with cave galleries and branches , which total  length is 3600 m. Only part of the labyrinth (some 700 m) can be visited by tourists.

Based on the geomorphologic research  we accept that the cave was formed within 1 800 000 years.

Objects such as doubledged  rough  blades , asymetric and symetric knives and         scrapers  were found in the cave.  Weapons and  tools made of  bone were also excavated.
On the upper layers remains of  cave-men dwellings dated to the Aenolithic –Chalcolithic Age,  4000 years B.C. can be seen,  which are the oldest archeological prooves of the existence of  man on the Balkans.