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The town of Tryavna is situated in the central part of north Bulgaria, 245 km from Varna and 219  km from Burgas. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations because of its favorable situation, crystal clear air, lash greenery,  age-old woods and clean waters perfectly combined with the architecture of the  old Renaissance houses. Tryavna region has created а great number of master-craftsmen – woodcarvers, masons, artists and icon-painters that became the founders of the known Tryavna school of crafts.

The historical traces lead back to the Thracian-Roman ages when the roads, connecting the two regions Mizia and Thrace run across the town.
The first permanent settlement here date back to the second half of XII C. and is famous by the name of  “Turnava”.

In 1192 the Bulgarian Tzar Asen and Tzar Peter defeated the army of Emperor Isak II Angel in that part of the Balkan Mountain where nowadays Tryavna town is situated. In memory of that great victory the church of “St Archangel Michael” was erected, which no matter the several fires survived to become one of the oldest orthodox churches in Central Bulgaria today.

The town of Tryavna is a place of interest itself with numerous cultural monuments about 140 in number. The most notable are the Capt. Dyado Nikola square, The Clock tower (pic.9), The church of  St Archangel Michael, The Tryavna old school (pic. 8) The Raykov family house-museum (pic. 12), The Daskalov family house (pic. 10 and 11) which is today a museum of carving art.