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About The Website

One of the pleasures of traveling –
that is the possibility to visit new cities
and meet new people.
Cingiz Khan

Except the various types of exotic tours there are two main types of tours that we offer to our clients. The first one is the Charter-Group Tour , the so popular tour by bus and the second – the Fare Individual Tour (FIT) .  
The latter is made to meet YOU, YOUR family or YOUR friends’ personal requirements. You travel by car that you drive yourself, accompanied by a guide OR you can have a driver and guide in one and enjoy the trip without efforts.
The advantages of the FIT are obvious – YOU choose the rout  and it is absolutely different from the  Charter-Group route, YOU choose when to start the tour, YOU choose how many days to spend on tour and how many tours to take part into.
Comparing the prices the FIT costs little higher than the Charter-Group  Bus Tours but  what is more important – YOU GET MUCH MORE AND IT’S  WORTH THE PRICE. The small group is much more mobile and much flexible that the charter one, you can see and learn much more for a certain period of time, not  to mention that you avoid the annoying people that you possibly meet in the Charter-Group Tour which are able to spoil your day.
Last but not least YOU can visit places that no charter group can afford.
The FIT price is  fixed  – the bigger the group, the cheaper the price that you calculate per participant.

Details referring  FIT price :

* transport service by a comfortable automobile (air conditioner included)

* an English speaking guide (or driver-guide)

* excludes access taxes for museum, galleries etc., food expences and overtime

If you want to know how much YOUR FIT can cost , please contact  us !