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Balchik is a town in North-East Bulgaria, situated close to the city of Varna. The first settlers of the lands of the present-day town were the Thracians. Two thousand years old Thracian artifacts - cups, metal pottery, jewelry, weapons etc. were excavated there.

In the Middle Ages the fortress Krunoy was built on that site as to guard the Sea border from invasion.

Summer tourism is the main activity developed in Balchik. Traditionally the town is visited by Russian, Bulgarian, Polish and Scandinavian tourists.
Hotel and Restaurant business is the main source of income for the local people.
The Yacht Port of Balchik has the capacity for berthing about 60 boats.
The yacht tourism is well developed and various trips to the North Coast are offered.
Other kinds of entertainment in Balchik are “Picnics in Nature”, “Fishing”, “Bathing”, ‘Pirate ship fights”, ‘Romantic cruise by night” etc.

Two new golf yards are now constructed in the suburbs of the town.
Balchik is mostly famous for its Botanical Garden, where unique plants are grown.
Naturally speaking the impression of “The Botanical Garden” is best completed by the architectural park–complex called “The Palace”, where in the beginning of XX C. was the former Residence of the Romanian Queen Mary.

“The Botanical Garden” and “The Palace” create the visit card of Balchik.
Lemons as big as handball balls and many exotic fruits like bananas, papaya and others are grown in the glass-covered gardens.