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You have already chosen Bulgaria for you holidays?
You prefer individual tourism, independent trips?
Then this site is for YOU!
Choose any of our destinations and see the marvels of Bulgaria!

Bulgaria – this is a stunning combination of magnificent sandy beaches, majestic mountains and unique monuments and artifacts of the ancient and medieval culture. Knowing the country in no way may mean just visiting the tourist sites advertised in the leaflets. We offer you numerous options which will help you find your personal unforgettable trip. See the wonderful cities and towns, Christian relics, ethnographic complexes and Thracian tombs and golden treasures!

1. KazanlakShipka Memorial

When you visit Kazanlak you will find yourself in the very heart of the Valley of Kings. You will visit one of the most beautiful towns in Bulgaria whose history is connected with great Thracian kings. Shipka Memorial is the most impressive Bulgarian monument with respect to its dimensions and historic value. The top of the monument reveals a magnificent view to Northern and Southern Bulgaria. A view that will leave an ever-lasting memory with you.

2. Dryanovo MonasteryBacho Kiro cave

Today Dryanovo Monastery is among the most honored holy places in Bulgaria, a historic monument of national importance which has become a tourist site preferred by many. Above the monastery among the upright cliffs is hidden one very interesting natural site – Bacho Kiro cave which was populated as most experts claim back in the Stone Age.

Make your curiosity real experience!
Make Bulgaria reveal its charming sole!