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The town of Kazanlak is situated in the geographical center of Bulgaria.
It is famous as the center of the Bulgarian Rose valley, the town of the artist, the roses and the Thracian kings. The modern look of Kazanlak town make it one of the most attractive destinations for tourists. The most interesting sites of Kazanlak are the Thracian tomb – the biggest and most preserved tomb in Bulgaria which is included in the lists of UNESCO, the historical museum, the museum of the Rose. Close to the town are the remains of the ancient town Sevtopolis and the valley of the Thracian kings. Kazanlak is situated 198 km west from Burgas and 320 km southeast of  Varna.
The first settlement on the territory of the present-day town existed in the Neolith. In the V-IV C. BC the Thracian town Sevtopolis, named after the Thracian king Sevt I, became the capital of the Odrysian kingdom.
Proofs of the marches of Alexander The Great and Philip of Macedonia are found on the territory of the municipality. These lands were also inhabited for a short time by Greek, Celt and Persian invaders.
The nowadays Kazanlak was established in the beginning of the XV C.
By the end of the XIX C it was famous for its rose oil production. Only here around Kazanlak the favourable soil and climate make it possible to grow the rare маслодайната роза ( Rosa Damascena ), that was brought to our lands from India.
In the XVIII C Kazanlak becomes center of the Bulgarian rose production. The Kazanlak rose oil wins gold medals on the exhibitions in London, Philadelphia, Paris , Milan and Antwerp and the Bulgarian oil becomes famous allover the world.
In 2004-th Professor George Kitov and his team during excavation works around Kazanlak discovered the Mask of Teres and the Bronze Head of Sevt III.
That is a discovery of great importance which cause an endless flow of tourists towards the town of Kazanlak.
The Professor Kitov’s discovery, the Thracian Tomb, the Ancient Sevtopolis and others historical monuments  turn the Municipality of Kazanlak into an attractive destination for Bulgarian and foreign tourists.