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The sacred town of Perperikon is to be found 260 km south-east of Burgas town and 395 km south-west of Varna town. The historians say that undoubtedly the Perperikon discovery can be compared to that of the ancient Troy.
The Herodotus writings as well as some other ancient sources convince us that the place has once been used as a sanctuary where Dionysus was worshipped. Here by a secret ritual of wine and fire the great leader Alexander the Great learned he would conquer the whole world.
The complex includes a stronghold, an acropolis, a palace and living suburbs.
The historical documents inform of the Perperikon splendor during Antiquity, in the period of the Crеte-Mycenaean civilization, about the unique palaces and buildings made of stone blocks, without a single piece of metal.
The artifacts discovered during the excavation work of the town are remarkable.
Most impressive are the fragment from a patrician coronet and the coin of the Byzantine Emperor Flavius Iustinus, also known as Justin I (518-527) (pic.11).
The numerous and exceptionally beautiful ceramics and the great number of coins date back to the same period.
The collection of lead stamps that originated from the municipality center Perperikon is unique as it is the only one of its kind in the world.
More than 20 bronze cross figures of different dimensions used as breasts decoration were discovered. Pieces of the original cross of Jesus Christ are embedded in one of these cross-like forms.
When on the Perperikon site one should see the incredibly beautiful silver key for a treasure casket. Many different techniques were used to make that key. It is unique because was used as a key and a seal. After the casket was locked by the key, same key was used to make a seal mark on the paraffin. That key is a unique example of the epoch and deserves to be included in the world heritage treasury.
Other object also of great importance is the seal of the Byzantine Emperor Andronicus II Palaeologus (1282-1322). That is the second seal of that Emperor that was discovered on Bulgarian territory and the tenth one in the world.
Very interesting fact is that only 2 km from Perperikon were to be found the richest gold mines in Europe, dated back to the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. That was undoubtedly the reason for the several wars waged there.